The Milky Way as a scenario.

Our main characters are planning to go to a big party on the moon. 

Although they don't have their own ship to travel around the galaxy, they have everything ready to arrive on time for the expected event that awaits them there.

Our supernova.

An exploding star due to its intensity of brightness. 
Animal prints, glitter and metallic textures create these D.Franklin models.

On a fluid terrain, this journey begins by exploring the modern and cosmopolitan Neptune, without attracting the attention of its sophisticated natives.

Animal print footprints mark the surface.

The rocky, almost desert-like landscape of Mars is the next stage for our protagonists, who skirt the craters created by the impact of their footprints.

The neutral colors of their shoes stand out against the reddish surface.

After an unprecedented journey, our protagonists reach the moon. There, the great cosmic reward awaits them: the inauguration of the next Supernova.

Glitter and metallic materials paint the landscape of this satellite.